A bull was considered to be an attribute of the Greek Zeus, the god of heaven, and Dionysus, which is depicted with horns, and sometimes with the head of a bull, which represented the male principle. Dedicated to Poseidon, the butler who had been in Ephesus "bulls." A wet strength, a bull was an attribute of Aphrodite.

Jewish Yahweh - a "bull of Israel, therefore, it is the power of Yahweh.

A Hindu is a symbol of strength, speed, productivity, reproductive forces of nature. Shiva travels to byke Nandine, Curator of the West. Bull is also an attribute of Agni - "A powerful bull" and a form of Indra in his fertile aspect. The bull symbolizes the vital breath vseobnimayuschee Ayditi. The force given somoy, often equated to force the bull. Rudra is connected to the cow-goddess.

Do Iranians bull symbolizes the soul of the world, and its productive forces are associated with the Moon and the blessed rain clouds. The bull was first created the animals and the first animal killed Arimanom. Of the bull's souls have been created since the whole controversy.

In the Minoan culture of this great God. Bull sacrificed to god of earthquakes and the earth: "bull rejoice the one who shakes the Earth" (Homer).

In some cultures it was believed that an ox is earthquake poddevaya earth's horns, and then all hear him roar. On Crete, it would seem, is the reproductive power of nature.

In mitraizme bull is considered to be solar god and the sacrifice of a bull was the central ceremony in mitraizme. It also represents a victory over the savage nature of man and life, passed through death.

The bull with a lion is the symbol of death. In ancient Rome, a bull was considered to be an attribute of Jupiter, the God of heaven, dedicated to Mars, an attribute of Venus, and Europe, as the lunar deities. Europe as a symbol of the dawn, was carried to heaven solar bulls.

We Scandinavians bull - attribute the Torah and is dedicated to Free.

In the Sumerians and Semites heavenly bull groin deep furrow across the sky. Ramman, Ashur and Al went to hell and bykah called "bulls of heaven." Marduk, or Merodach, identified with Gudibirom, "bull of light." Sun, Enlil, and Enki - is "furious bull of heaven and earth." Moon god Sin is also a bull. Hittite sun god Teshub takes a bull and an aspect of the EA, as the god of magic, and often depicted in Sumerian art as a guardian of the entrance.

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