In Hinduism the god of the dead owls and pigeons Pit played the role of envoys.

In Islam, the Holy Virgin three denoted by three columns, on which sat a dove.

In Japanese culture dove symbolizes longevity and respect, is dedicated to the god of war Hachimanu, but the dove with a sword, heralds the end of the war.

Manichean in the iconography of the third character Trinity is sometimes portrayed as a white dove.

In the Minoan culture of pigeons associated with the Great Mother, and along with the snakes are its attributes, indicating the air and land.

In the culture of Parsi dove represents a supreme being.

In Sumero-Semitic culture - a symbol of divine force, dedicated to Ashtoreth and Ishtar is an attribute of the Great Mother. On the seventh day after the flood of the Babylonian ark was sent by pigeon.

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