In Buddhism the lion - the defender of law, the wisdom of the Buddha, the spiritual fervor, to move forward and understand, the courage, enlightened man, himself ruler. Sometimes the Buddha depicted on the throne, standing on lvah. A lion is an attribute of the packaging. Ratnasambhava jumps on lve. Young lion represents Boddhisattvu just past initiation. Leo, portrayed with lvenkom under its paw, also represents the Buddha, ruling the world, and compassion. Lions roar symbolizes the Buddha, the Dharma preacher fearlessly.

In China, the lion is courage, energy, force. Lion with the ball - either the Sun or the cosmic egg, or the duality of nature. Men, married, represent the lion, meaning force, and horse - a symbol of speed, a woman - the flowers.

In Christian symbolism the lion ambivalent: on the one hand, it means strength and power of Christ, it started as a royal king of Judah, and on the other - the ability of Christ to save the Christians from the herd "roaring lion", that is the devil. It was believed that the lion sleeps with open eyes, and therefore symbolizes the constant vigilance, alertness and spiritual strength. Leo, as the time, supported the foundations of the church. In addition, there was a belief that lvyata born dead and the life they inhaled parent, so a lion is a symbol of resurrection. A monster-Odinochkoy, the lion is the Hermit and Odinochestvo. Lion - the emblem of St. Mark, as his Gospel stresses the regal nature and greatness of Christ. He is also the emblem of the Saints, Adrian, Evfimii, Hierominate, Mary of Egypt, Paul the Hermit, Prisca, Fekly. In the catacomb pictures a story of Daniel in the den of lions symbolize the salvation of the Lord of his subjects.

In Egyptian art the lion symbolizes protection and guard; is solar, which is depicted with the solar disk, and the moon, when the neighbor of horned Moon. Lion with two heads, located in different parts of the body, represents the sun gods of dawn and dusk. Two lion spins located at each other and are shown together with the solar disk, means the past and present, yesterday and today. A lion is an attribute Sekmeta and the Goddess Mother, symbolizing motherhood. However, as Sekmet, it may mean, and retaliation. Shown together with the solar disk is the god of the Sun Lion Ra, Al Moon - Judge the Dead Osiris. Tefnut was the head of a lion.

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