In Greek mythology, the lion accompanies Phoebe, Artemis, Cybele, Tihe, Gorgon, and, occasionally, of Dionysus. Lions zapryazheny the chariot Cybele and Juno. The lion's skin - the attribute of Heracles, solar hero who fought with the lion (in this case acting as a symbol of death), and overcome death.

Do Jews lion - a symbol of power and cruelty. Winged lion - symbol of the South, the Lion of Judah.

In Hinduism the lion symbolizes the fourth avatar of Vishnu, who is sometimes portrayed poluchelovekom-polulvom; lion Agni. Leo, portrayed with a lion, symbolizing the Shakti-Shakti, where a lion - it is the Supreme Lord, rhythm, and a lion - strength of the words expressed. Leo is a guardian of the North and the attribute of Davy and goddesses Durga and destroy demons.

We Iranians are a symbol of royalty, power, and solar light.

In Islam, the lion gives protection from evil. The Japanese lion - the king of beasts, and it appears on the images to the pion - the symbol of the Queen of Flowers. Lions ball denotes emptiness.

In mitraizme lion - a symbol of solar, meaning the fourth level of initiation. Kronos, depicted with lion's head - is zones, time, fate, devouring all, a symbol of the sun, a symbol of fire. Leo, along with bulls symbolize death, the lion and deer - the time of his death.

In Romans lion - this solar light, royalty, an attribute of Apollo, Hercules and Fortune; devouring power of death, but also the victory of man over it.

In Sumero-Semitic mythology, the lion-fire the Sun, the supreme power, strength, courage, an attribute of the sun god Marduk. I.nan goddess (Ishtar), as the Great Mother escorted two lionesses. Lion with branch in its claws, or two-lion epitomize solar god of war Niniba. Chaldeans portrayed in the form of a lion Nergal, the god of war and death, embodies the hostile aspect of the Sun, omnivorous summer heat. In addition, two lion heads, otvernuvshiesya from each other, representing the god of the Sun and the underground world. Leo the Great's mother was accompanied by Atargatis.

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