In the symbolism of marriage is the speed of the horse and is accompanied by the groom, the strong lion, the bride was escorted flowers. The horse - a typical symbol of fertility and a strong government.

In Christianity, the horse - it is the sun, the courage, nobility. Later, during the Renaissance, he began to symbolize lust.

In the catacomb pictures horse meant scamper time. Four horse apocalypse - it is a war, death, famine and epidemic. The horse is the emblem of St. George, Martin, Mauritius, Victor, the wild horses - the emblem of St. Ippolit. It is noteworthy that the horse was not in the Egyptian symbolism.

A Greek white horses carry the solar chariot, Phoebe, and, as a principle of moisture associated with Poseidon as the god of the sea, earthquakes and springs. Poseidon may appear in the form of a horse. Dioskury skachut on white horses. Pegasus is a transition from one level to another, he is the lightning of Zeus. Centaur frequently appear in rituals dedicated to Dionysus.

In Hinduism horse - solid boat and rider - it is the spirit. Mare Manu - deification land. White knight Kalka is the latest incarnation of Vishnu, or a means of movement, when he appears in the tenth time, bringing peace and salvation of the world. Varuna, the space knight, born of water. Gandharva, people, horses, are a combination of natural fertility and abstract thinking, intelligence and music. Horse - guardian of the South.

In Iranian mythology chariot Ardvisury Anahity zapryazhena four white horses: wind, rain, clouds and wet snow. Chariot Maga zapryazhena Quartet battle horse, symbolizing the four elements and their gods.

In Islam, the horse - the happiness and wealth.

In Japanese mythology, the white horse - a means of movement or form of Bateau Kvannon corresponding to Indian and Chinese buddiykomu Avalokiteshvare Guan-inyu, the goddess of mercy and the Great Mother. It may appear as either a white horse, a horse's head, or with the figure of a horse in its crown. The black horse is the attribute of the god of rain.

In mitraizme white horses carry the chariot of the god Mithra the Sun.

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