In Romans zapryazheny white horses in a chariot of Apollo and Mithra. Eponym derived from the Celts, became the Roman goddess - defender, horses. It is also a funerary deity. Dioskury skachut on white horses. Horse - attribute Diana.

In Scandinavian and Germanic mythology, the horse is dedicated to Odin, who went on vosminogoy mares Sleypnire. The horse is accompanied by Vanira as the god of fields, forests, the sun and rain. Clouds - this battle horses Valkyrie.

In the shamanistic traditions of the horse - it psihopomp; means the transition from this world to another. In addition, it is associated with sacrifice and the sacrificial animal is in Siberia and the Altai. The skin of the head of a horse have a ritual significance. The skin, like a golden runu bears the symbolism of fat, while the head contains the life principle.

In Sumero-Semitic mythology chariot of the sun god Marduk was zapryazhena four horses. Horse's head was the emblem of Carthage. Winged horse appears in the Assyrian baralefah and Carthaginian coins.

In Taoism horse - attribute Chang Kuo, one of the eight Daoist immortals geniuses.

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