In China, the eagle is the sun, yang, power, warrior, courage, tenacity, sharp vision, fearlessness. The eagle and raven are connected with the gods of war.

In Christianity, the eagle - the spirit, ascension, inspiration and spiritual force, the Last Court (where he damned throw away from the nest), updating their youth (Psalms, 103:5). Gazer, not migaya, the sun, it symbolizes Christ vperivshego eyes to the glory of God, bringing their young to the Sun, he was - the Christ, voznosyaschy heart to the Lord, falling stone for fish in the sea, Christ, salvation of soul from the ocean of sins. It was believed that the eagle renews its plumage, podletaya to the Sun and then throwing into the sea, so it represents the resurrection and new life after baptism, the soul, renewed by grace. He is also the inspiration of Sacred Scriptures, and because his image is portrayed on the lectern. The eagle, holding in the claws snake, represents a victory over sin. Odin of the four beasts of the Apocalypse. In tetramorfe represents St. John the Evangelist.

Do Egyptians eagle - solar symbol, the son of Horus.

I mean the Greek sun, the spiritual power, royalty, victory and success. An attribute of Zeus, and as a carrier of his lightning sometimes depicted with lightning claws. Initially, an emblem of Panama, which was superseded by its Zeus. Threnody Ganimedov emblem. Ganimedov, irrigate an eagle, a symbol of overcoming death. According to Homer, an eagle with a snake in the jaws - a symbol of victory.

Do Jews symbolize renewal, east.

In Hinduism eagle - solar bird Garuda, which flies Vishnu, the emblem of Indra.

Do ariev is a bird-nelly.

In mitraizme eagle and the falcon are the attributes of solar Mitra.

In the Roman tradition of the eagle - bird of solar storms, which is the lightning of Jupiter. Represents the emperor, the dignity, victory and favor, the speed of reaction. Holds in the jaws of the lightning of Jupiter. Symbol and deystvuyuyuschee individual deification after death.

In Scandinavian mythology the eagle - the emblem of Odin (water).

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