A gnostic rooster Koloskov with wheat in its beak means vigilance, bring abundant fruits.

Do the Greeks and Romans rooster represents alertness and morale. Dedicated to Apollo, Eskulapu, Ares, Mercury, Priapu, Athens, is associated with Persephone, the Spring of renewal of life, dedicated Attisu as a symbol of spring and fertility Laram.

In heraldry as a symbol of military bravery, and religious inspiration.

We Iranians have a rooster - a good bird, portrayed in the scepter.

The Japanese Shinto symbol, standing on a drum and call people to pray in the temple.

In mitraizme dedicated to Mitra as the God of Sun.

We Scandinavians rooster - the bird underground world, and his kukarekanie resurrects the heroes of Valhalla to the last decisive battle.

A Sumerian god Nergal is sometimes portrayed with a head like a rooster.

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