In the alchemy of a dog with a wolf represent the dual nature of Mercury, the philosophical mercury, nousa.

Do American Indians it is interchangeable with the coyote, an animal thunder; brings rain, the inventor of fire and, as well as the coyote, a cultural hero and mythical ancestor, Deputy and the messenger. To pray to a different world, Iroquois sacrificed for the New Year white dog.

Do Ksoltl Aztec God of Death and the setting sun, has a dog's head and is patron of dogs. The dog was psihopompom, and it is often sacrificed at the tomb, that she accompanied the deceased on the way into eternity. The latest sign of the Mexican zodiac, representing the period of chaos, when there was no time, was a dog, symbolizing the death and at the same time Sunday.

In Buddhism Lion Dog - guardian of the law, real subjugation and suppression of passions through the Act. It is also an attribute Pit, the God of the Dead.

In the Celts associated with healing waters and is accompanied by the gods of hunting, war and heroes, as well as God-healer Nodensa. Sutsellosa also accompanied by a dog.

I mean the Chinese faithful, nekolebimuyu 'devotion. Parish dogs means future prosperity. Red Sky Dog Tien-ku include: the principle of yang and Erlang helps repel evil spirits, but, being a guardian of the night hours, the dog becomes symbol of yin and destruction, disaster, becomes associated with meteoric and eclipses. During these periods the dog comes to rabies and is bitten by the sun or the moon. Lion Dog Buddha is often portrayed in Chinese art.

Christians means loyalty, vigilance, fidelity. As curator of the herd dog represents the Good Shepherd, a bishop or a preacher. Black and white dog - signs of the Order of Dominicans. Dog - the emblem of St. Bernard, Roch (who nursed his own dog), Sayi, Tobias Wendelin.

Do the Egyptians it sokologlavy wire to the solar god, which helps keep the sun on the right track. Dedicated to Anubis, the god of jackals, or the dog's head, and Hermes as the god-Envoy. It is an attribute of the Great Mother, Amenti.

In Greek, the word "cynic" (the dog) is a contemptuous tone, requires audacity, flattery. According to Homer, the dog shamelessly, but also a psihopompom. An attribute of Hermes (Mercury) as a Messenger of God, and the Good Shepherd, accompanied by his psom Sirius, "all-seeing guardian. Sirius is also accompanied by Orion. The dog, being associated with Eskulapom, can heal, give birth to new life, and her loyalty is going through a death. Dogs represent Hades verjuice dawn and dusk, the dangerous and demonic time when hostile forces roam. The dog-monster Cerberus sterezhet entrance to the underground world. Hecate I have the dogs of war, and her sacrifice of dogs at intersections, were also sacrificed Eyleyfii. Devoted to Heracles (Hercules) and Diana (Artemis).

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