Jewish means dung.

Do Indians hunting dog - an attribute or satellite Indra; dog with four eyes represents a hole, the god of the dead, and has the same symbolism as Gad it.

In Islam, dog dirt, be used only as a watchman.

The Japanese: defense, guard.

In Maya the dog with a torch represents lightning.

In mitraizme being psihopompom, the dog is related to the victim of a bull, and in this case represented by the snake and scorpions.

We the peoples of Oceania, the dog - the inventor of fire, brought his people. At Parsi has sagas-dig, white dog with yellow eyes, or white with four eyes. Symbolism not explain it, but perhaps it is psihopomp, as a dog lead to lozhu deceased, and she accompanies the funeral procession. Death of woman at birth requires two dogs for two souls.

In Odin (Water), there are two dogs and two crow as advisers. Dog-Garmr behemoth guarding the entrance to the underworld.

In shamanism dog Envoy forest spirits.

In Sumero-Semitic mythology, the dog is associated with the scorpion, snake and all reptiles, bearing the evil, evil and demonic in Phoenician iconography of the dog and accompanies the sun is the emblem of the gala, the great healer. The dog is an integral part of symbols of the Goddess-Mother and Akkadian Belit, whose throne is kept on the dog or the dog sits in his throne. Attribute Ashtaroth.

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