In Christianity, Hare mean fecundity and lust. White rabbit at the feet of the Virgin Mary is a triumph over lust. Defencelessness hare symbolizes those who rely on Christ.

In Egypt, the hare represents the dawn, the beginning, opening, lifting and frequency. It is the emblem of Toth and associated with the Moon.

In the European tradition of the Easter hare, rabbit or krolichek symbolizes the dawn of a new life, is an attribute of the goddess of the moon with a faint head, apparently, Oestry (the Teuton) or Eostry (from Anglo-Saxon), who gave the name of Easter and Easter. For this reason, the Easter hare symbolizes rebirth, the resurrection as well as the birth of new moon. Easter rabbit postpones an Easter egg.

In Greco-Roman symbolism of the Easter rabbit symbolizes fertility, promiscuity. Hare-animal-envoy and the attribute of Hermes (Mercury) and Aphrodite and Eros. Cupid is often depicted with a hare.

Do Jews hare - impure animal. The Indian and Buddhist art of the hare appears to incomplete moon.

In Scandinavian mythology hare serve Frey.

A Teuton goddess of the moon, Holda and Jarque, or Harfa always appear in the company of rabbits, which have the following for their torches.

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