It also symbolizes the inherent instinctive nature, the tide of vital force, uncontrolled and undifferentiated, potential energy, inspiring the spirit. This is the intermediary between heaven and earth, between the land and the underground world. The snake is associated with heaven, earth, water, and in particular the Cosmic Tree.

In addition, it is cloud dragon darkness and guardian of the treasures. Snake can symbolically represent the sun's rays, the path of the sun in the sky, lightning and power of water, a feature of all river deities.

Snake - this knowledge, strength, guile, subtlety, cunning, dark, evil and decay, as well as the tempter. "This is rock, fast as a misfortune, unhurried, as a reward, inscrutable as fate." In the context of cosmology the snake - it is the original ocean, from which everything arises and to which all returns, undifferentiated primordial chaos. It can serve as backbone of the peace or maintain it, or the environment, becoming uroborosa - a symbol of cyclicity and reverse acquisitions. Apparent snake - it is only a manifestation of the root of corruption, timeless invisible Great Spirit, the owner of all natural forces, or the spirit of vitality. This is the god of the early cosmogony, who later served as the starting point for more psihologichnyh and spiritual interpretations.

Snakes or dragons - this is the threshold of the guard, temples, treasures, esoteric knowledge, and all lunar deities. They produce a storm, and control forces of water, surrounded by water itself, the pregrazhdaya their way, then, on the contrary, bringing water to humans. They cry out with all kinds of spells dead, crossing the waters of death. As a creature that can move without the assistance of the legs or wings, the snake symbolizes the pervasive spirit of the substance, penetrating deep into the crevices and chimneys - the inner human nature and conscience. The face of a snake can be a mask for evil forces, for example, witches and witches, symbolizing the malevolent and sinful side of nature. Sol niger ( "black sun") is associated with the dark forces of the snake. Heavenly Snake as Chinese Blue Dragon, a symbol of the rainbow. Both of them form a bridge from this world to another.

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