Child, plays with snake - a symbol of renewed paradise, free from hatred and the end of perishable world. Such symbolism is lion, lying next to the lamb. Snake, coagulated or hub rings, a symbol of cyclical phenomena, as well as the hidden force, dynamism, capacity for good or evil. When she turned around an egg, it could represent the spirit of the life of incubation; uroborosa; force waters that surround the earth.

Snake, obvivshayasya around a tree or any other "axis" symbol means the awakening of a dynamic force, the spirit of all growing, anima mundi, cyclical existence. If a snake appears next to the tree of life, it is a favorable sign. But if in the tree of knowledge - it is malicious and personifies evil poison peculiar world of phenomena. Snake, obvivshayasya around women (or the Great Mother Goddess of Moon), it is a sunny character, together they represent the ratio of male and female. It is believed that the head of the snake (like the toads) is a jewel, and that it holds the treasures and magic rings. When a snake appeared near the Eagle or deer, the latter symbolizing the sun, clear light, and the snake - the darkness, all undeveloped and chthonic, but they represent the outer unity, universality, the conflict between them - dualism, splitting into pairs of opposites and the war of heavenly forces with chthonic.

Eagle is often depicted holding the serpent in the jaws, and deer - breach of its hoofs, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, the heavenly over the earthly and spiritual forces of the transient. Fiery serpent - this is the beginning of the sun, cleansing, transformation of the earthly state and beyond its limits. The snake as a belt or bracelet symbolizes the eternal cycle of centuries, the continuity, the cycle of decay and the new integration.

Diaper on the back of the snake symbolizes the phallic serpent and the woman's vulva as a unity, duality, and the reunification of the sun and moon, male and female, reconciliation of opposites, androgina.

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