The snake's head ram - an attribute of gods with horns and fecundating symbol of strength and fertility. Wave bending snake or dragons represent the cosmic rhythm, or force of water.

Winged snakes or dragons are the sun and symbolize the unity of spirit and matter, the connection eagle and snakes and all the opposites, in addition, an accelerated understanding.

The two snakes symbolize the dualistic pair of opposites, in the end together. If they wind a tree or stick it turbinal cycles of nature, the two solstice, a pair of the fundamental forces of downsizing and expand, alchemical principle of "solve et coagula". At the caduceus (see), they represent the forces of healing and homeopathic poison, sickness and health, "nature can conquer nature." If they ball with each other, it is time and fate, two great binding force. Two snakes or two of the dragon, jump into each other's tail, meant that, apparently contradicting each other, the forces and things in the realm of duality, in fact, arise from the same source. Reptile Eggs symbolize rebirth, and the snake eyes without a century - vigilance and wisdom. The snake is often kept in the mouth the fruit or herbs of immortality. The symbolic importance of snakes is sometimes close to symbols of the bull and ram embodying phallic, fecundating and showing force. The snake, a rainbow, quench their thirst in the sea, known in France, Africa, India and the American Indians.

In Africa, the serpent - the emblem of imperial power, immortality chariot, the embodiment of the dead.

In addition, the celestial serpent is identified with the Rainbow and a surrounding land, or a guardian of treasures, or the spirit of thunder, associated with lightning. Snake-rainbow tires their thirst at sea. Snake may be cultural heroes, or mythical ancestor, teach a person blacksmith trade and cultivation of cereals. Connected with water and fertility. There are also the cult of the sacred python.

In the alchemy of a serpent on a pole - it is fixing volatile mercury subordination vitality. Snake, propolzayuschaya through the range, mean alchemical fusion.

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