In American Indian snake - the essence of thunderous, lightning, rain, vehicle, enemy thunderous birds, moon, and magic power, the gods of war spear. The symbol of eternity and the harbinger of death. Horned serpent - this is the spirit of water, its fecundating force. Snakes - intermediaries between humans and the lower world. Great Manita takes shape of a snake with horns, which he spit frog or Dark Manita, ie evil.

In Australian aboriginal snake personifies masculine principle, the zipper. The presence of the snake is associated with pregnancy.

In Aztec feathered serpent (a combination of birds and snakes quetzales) - this is the sun, the spirit, the strength of the ascent, rain, wind, thunder and lightning, the initial movement of wind and water, breath of life, knowledge, eastern region. He is accompanied by all the gods of rain and wind. This is a phallic symbol, an eternal creation, an infinite time, the mediator between God and man. This is the White God, the womb of the black rain that falls, as well as attribute Kettsalkoatlya, but its sunny aspect - attribute zodiac God of Heaven. It becomes a moon, personified Mother Earth, a woman dressed in a skirt of intertwined snakes. Snake may be cultural heroes, or mythical ancestor. Birds of prey, the serpent god of plague, which is born from the blood of humanity, which symbolizes the dismemberment of the original unity and the emergence of a plurality of the world was revealed.

In Buddhism the snake in the center of wheels personifies evil; pig - greed and ignorance, a rooster - a passion in life, but all three together - sin, man was tied to the world illusions. Sometimes the serpent is associated with Buddha, turns into a naga, that at the time of disease and hunger heal.

In the Celtic epic snake is associated with healing waters and springs. The snake with horns or head ram, often found in Celtic and Gallic sacred art, personified the god of fertility and male power. The snake-emblem of Brigitte as the Goddess-Mother. The head of the snake instead of clotted garland - a character bearing the fertility and avert the evil forces.

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