In China, the snake is rarely different from dragon, and if that happens, it symbolizes the negative, hateful, destructive, false and dodge the beginning, being one of the five poisonous creatures . The brother and sister-FO hi-AMC sometimes portrayed as two snakes with human heads - is one of those rare combinations of symbols in the Chinese animal and human traits. They symbolize the yin and yang, and their value is similar to the symbolism kadutseya. Snake - The sixth animal Twelve Terrestrial Branches.

In Christianity, the snake - ambivalent character: it is Christ as the wisdom, ascension to the tree of life as an expiatory victim, and the devil in his chthonic hypostasis. serpent or dragon - it is Satan, tempter, the enemy of God and member of the Fall. He embodies the forces of evil, destruction, grave, guile and wickedness, evil, and that people must overcome in themselves. Dante equates the serpent with the enemy, but if they wind the tree of life, it is wisdom and good character, but if the tree of knowledge, it is Lucifer and malicious beginning. The snake raised on a cross or a pole - is a prototype of Christ, raised to the tree of life for healing and salvation of the world, obvivshaya cross. Sometimes she is depicted with a woman's head, symbolizing the temptation, and at the base of the cross - the evil. This is a snake is the triumph of Christ over evil and the forces of darkness. In the Christian tradition serpent could change places with dragon, like the Babylonian Tiamat. Christian Satan - is "the great dragon, the ancient serpent called the devil and Satan" (Otkr. 12, 9). Good serpent can be seen in the iconography of rising from the chalice of John. Evil serpent - this is Satan, the dragon apocalypse. Tertullian argues that Christians are called Christ's "Good Zmiem. Virgin broken serpent's head, the temptations of Eve, rather than yield to it. In Egyptian cobra (uraeus) - the supreme symbol of the divine and the imperial power and wisdom, knowledge, gold. APOPO (racer), and Seth, in his capacity as that of his mother with Tifonom - this snake mist, "the demon of darkness, discord and destruction, and, moreover, malicious aspect of the scorching sun. Snakes with a solar disc represent goddesses, expelled the enemies of the sun god Ra. Two snakes - is Nous and Logos. The snake's head lion - protection from evil. Butaw (goddess-serpent) takes shape of the Cobra. horned viper - logo Kerastisa.

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