In gnosticism snake - author of "Divine Gnosis. Winged snakes World Light represents knowledge and enlightenment, if it is surrounded by halo.

In Greece, the serpent represents wisdom, renewal of life, resurrection, healing, and as such is considered an attribute of Eskulapa, Hippocrates, Hermes and Gigei. Snake - one hypostasis Eskulapa as a rescuer and healer. The life principle, agathos daimon (demon kind) and sometimes - teriomorfny the face of Zeus-Ammon, and other deities. Snake is devoted to Athena as the goddess of wisdom and Apollonian Delphi as the god of light, striking python (Pithon). Apollo not only saves the sun from the forces of darkness, but also frees the human soul inspiration and light of knowledge.

In the mysteries associated with the snake deities of the Savior, and, moreover, is connected with the dead, in particular, with the dead heroes. Life, or the beginning of the soul leaving the body in the guise of a snake, and the souls of the dead can reincarnate into snakes. The snake - a symbol of Zeus-Htoniusa also phallic symbol, sometimes depicted obvivsheysya around the egg - the symbol of vitality, yet embodies the passions that give vitality top male and female. A woman with snakes instead of hair, like Erin, Medusa, embodies the power of magic and divination, wisdom and cunning snake. Two huge snake sent Apollo abused, strangled Laocoon and his two sons. The three snakes on the bib of Agamemnon are identified with the celestial snake - a rainbow. Snakes are Bacchante.

In Jewish tradition, the snake represents evil, art, sin, sexual passion, the soul of convicts Sheole. Bronze serpent Moses - homeopathic principle "similar treatment like": Leviathan-snakes depths. Yahweh methane "tortuosity of the serpent" (or "rapid scorpion") - lightning (Job, 26:13). Adam Kadmon in the Kabbala is portrayed as a man, holding by the neck straightened snake.

In Hinduism snake - Shakti, nature, space power, chaos, formless, implicit, expression of Vedic Agni-fire, fierce snake. " Black snake symbolizes the potentiality of the fire. As Kalia, defeated Krishna, dancing on his head, the serpent is evil. Cobra Vishnu symbolizes the mountain and, as such, means knowledge, wisdom and eternity. As cosmic ocean of Vishnu sleeps on the serpent coagulated on the surface of primary water, which symbolizes the ocean, chaotic, nepolyarizovannoe condition prior to creation. Bound bodies of two of its already Nagov represent fertile waters of the union is born the Earth goddess - a symbol of earth and water at the same time. Ananta - tysyachegolovy ruler snakes - is infinite, unlimited, fertility, and its ring of wind base axis world. Plenitel Vritra water - this is the underground darkness, absorbing water and causing a drought, and choker Ahi is the triceps snake, kills Indra, who shot his lightning relieves the water again. Intertwined snakes - chthonic character. Two snakes, moving one up and one down, symbolizing the Divine Son and Divine Awakening in the days and nights of Brahma. Nag and Nagano are the king and queen, or spirits, often under the present law, divinity, or all of them depict the human face, or in the form of snakes, or as people with head and Cobra hood, or with the heads of the usual snakes, or whether they are above the waist and below the waist have a snake body. They often have the same meaning as dragon in China, bringing rain and vitality of water, fertility and rejuvenation. It guards the threshold, the doors and the treasures, material and spiritual, as well as the water of life, moreover, advocates of cows. Photos them as snake kings and queens are placed under the trees. Protknut head of a snake with a stick, then pressing "fix" it. When laying a Hindu temple ritual that imitates the original act of creation catfish or Indra, conquered the chaos and created order. The snake is sometimes twine Shiva Linga. With elephant, turtle, bull and Crocodile snake can be a pillar of peace and maintain it.

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