A snake and bird of the Incas - beneficial hypostasis Kettsalkoatlya.

In Iran, the snake - one hypostasis Arimana or Angra Main, Snake of Darkness, a liar. In Persia serpent Azi-Dahak - a "choker", the enemy of the sun god. In Islam, the snake is closely associated with the life and represents an el-hayyah and living el-hyat, as well as El-Hay - one of the most important names of God meaning "ozhivotvorenie", or something that gives life started, that both inform and supports, gives life and life itself is a beginning.

In Japan the snake is an attribute of the god of thunder and lightning storm.

In maniheystve snake - a symbol of Christ.

A Maori snake - earthly wisdom, the one who paves the way to the marshes, irrigation and land development.

In the tradition of the Minoan symbols associated with the snake, played a major role in Crete. There is evidence of existence on the island doisticheskogo worship snakes. Great Goddess, protectress homemaker, is depicted with snakes in their hands. Later snakes are associated with the replacement of its deities.

On ancient coins, the goddess is depicted sitting on a throne under a tree and caress the head of the snake. Symbols of the snake and the tree are closely interrelated. Snake as a symbol of fertility, typical of the cult of the goddess of fertility Ilifii (Eyleyfii). The snake, which saw Poliid, bears herbs that could resurrect the dead. Snake could be reincarnation deceased ancestors, ghosts. Larger snakes on the graves of Mr. Hill meant the burial place of the hero and served as a symbol of resurrection and immortality. Later, the snake represented the god healer Eskulapa.

In Oceania, the snake-Odin from the creators of the world. The presence of snakes associated with pregnancy. Partly it is believed that the Space Snakes live in the ground and eventually destroy the world.

In Rome, the snake associated with the savior-gods and deities of fertility and healing, like Salus. Attribute Minerva as a symbol of wisdom.

In Scandinavia, the serpent Midgard encompasses the whole world in endless meanders of ocean depths. Snake Nidhogg (terrible bite), which lives in the roots of the tree space iggdrazila and keep it gryzuschaya, personifies the forces of evil in the universe.

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