In Sumero-Semitic traditions of Babylonian Tiamat, "legless", "Snake of Darkness", is depicted as a dragon, is a chaos, nedifferentsirovannost and undivided, cunning and depravity destroyed Marduk - god of the sun and light. Assyro-Babylonian Lakshmi and Lakshami, hypostasis sea-ED - this snake and the snake, give rise to male and female beginning of heaven and earth. Ishtar, as the great goddess, depicted with a snake.

A Phrygian Sabaziya snake - the main attribute. It sent the ritual cult priestess robe drop to the ground by a golden snake "as God through the soul." A goddess of cereals Nidaby snakes get out of the shoulders, the snake is associated with the goddess of the earth, a symbol of the snake-, obvivshaya pole, and with her son - dying god, the images which are often out of the shoulders on both sides rising to serpent. Snake on a pole, esteemed as the god of healing - is often a recurring character in the land of Canaan and Filistii.

Do toltekov god of the sun, looking from the feed the snake symbolizes the sky.

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