Chernyy Black - the symbol of night, death, repentance, sin, the silence and emptiness. Because black poglaschaet all other colors, it also expresses the negation and despair, is a confrontation white, and indicates a negative start. In the Christian tradition of black symbolizes grief, Mourning and grief. The custom to wear black as a sign of mourning and the funeral took place of prejudice. People believed that this spirit of a deceased person can not learn and therefore cause them harm. Veiling of the face was designed to confuse the demons and not let them catch away to hell one more soul. The custom to wear a black bandage on the left arm as a sign of mourning knight goes back to the days when the lady put the heart bandage on his hand the knight in a sign that he serves it. Later, band became aware of a past faithful wife. In Japan, black - the color of joy. In a British court squares with black cloth, with statements made by the judge tore the death penalty. "Black Death" - the title of the epidemic of bubonic plague, destroyed in 1348 approximately 25 000 000 people in Europe.