Siniy The color of the sky and the sea, a symbol of the height and depth. Consistency, dedication, justice, perfection and peace. In ancient Egypt, the blue was used to denote the truth. Blue - the color of Zeus (Jupiter) and Gera (UNON). Broad dark blue band is The Order of the Garter, the highest knightly order Crown. The Order was established in 1348, Edward III. Blue - the color of royal power and noble descent. The expression "blue blood" for people of high origin place of the belief that a vein from the Spanish aristocrats "more blue" than that of ordinary people. The phrase "blue stocking" in relation to academic lady goes back to the 15 century, when Venice had met society of men and women in the study of science, blue stockings were a distinctive feature of their clothes. This custom has been borrowed Parisian intellectuals in 1590-ies. The term arose in England in 1750 years. The blue color of the British Conservative Party. In Christianity, the blue symbolizes the sincerity, wisdom and piety.