Belyy White-divine color. The symbol of light, purity and truth. In most countries (in Europe, China, Egypt, etc.) white - the color of mourning clothes. White clothes deceased dedicated to a new life. It is the color of joy and celebration. Controversial character. Combines with a light and life, and to old age, blindness and death. In China the color white was associated both with treachery and with clarity. Scandinavian goddess of death, Hel, living in the ice (white) world of death Hel, has a deathly white face. The phrase "white crow" known to all, but that is a "white elephant"? This expression has come to us from ancient Siam. To get rid of the objectionable court, the King of Siam granted him a large white elephant. Price keep the animal quickly overwhelm the court, and get rid of the king's gift, it was impossible. Since then a large, impressive, but useless acquisition is called "white elephant". "Liver-colored lilies" ( "white liver"). The phrase comes from the conviction that the liver has no cowards blood. "Show the white feather" - to show cowardice. The phrase comes from the fighting cocks. It was noticed that roosters with red and black color are pulling out feathers from the tails more cowardly white roosters. Interestingly, the word "candidate" comes from the Latin "candidus" ( "dazzling white"). White dove - a symbol of peace, the Holy Spirit. White eggs - creation. White flag - the voluntary surrender, truce. White - the color of purification of sins, baptism and communion, Christmas, Easter and Ascension. In Alchemy white is related to mercury.