Zheltyy Symbolism yellow largely depends on its tone. The warm yellow tone - a symbol of inviolable marriage, and cold - a symbol of adultery (the color rogonostsev in France). Yellow - the color of gold, a symbol of the sun and the divine power. In Greek mythology, the yellow - the color of Apollo. In China, yellow - the color of the emperor. In the time of the Qing Dynasty, yellow-colored clothing has the right to wear only the emperor. In addition, yellow - the color of betrayal, jealousy, cowardly, lying. In some European countries a yellow smear the doors of homes of criminals and traitors. Judas and Cain is usually depicted with yellow beards. During the Second World War, the Nazis in occupied countries, Jews were required to wear yellow "cast shame." Yellow was chosen as Gautama Buddha as a symbol of humility. Yellow - the color of the disease. Yellow Cross Plaque placed on the houses. A yellow flag on the ship meant that the board is infectious patients. Now the yellow flag is raised when the want to say that no patients on board (upon arrival in a foreign port). In football and in the rules of the road yellow - a warning.