The dragon is often opposed to dying god. In alchemy winged dragon represents the "volatile", but lost the wings, he "fixed" caught. In Chinese alchemy dragon - that mercury, blood and semen.

In the Celts - the symbol of supreme power, the owner. Red Dragon - the emblem Uellsa.

dragon and snake in Chinese symbolism inseparable. The dragon represents the supreme spiritual power, the supernatural, infinity, the spirit of change, the divine force of change and transformation, the rhythms of nature, the law of formation, supernatural wisdom and strength. He - "deer heaven", sun, light and life. Nebo, the highest authority, male yang force. Dragon cloud is, moreover, threatened and life-giving rain, water depth, and Spring.

Blue Dragon ( "Lun" - the highest) lives in heaven, and there are life-giving spirit, celestial power, the power of supernatural and infinite. On the ground blue dragon - symbol of imperial authority delegated, the sign of the Emperor. In the imperial dragon (also known as "Lun"), five claws, his head sent to the South, while the tail - to the North. He represents the East and the life-giving rain. Common Dragon "Mang" has had four claws on their paws and provide temporary power. An earlier form of the Chinese dragon was a dragon with three claws. Subsequently, this form of the dragon was adopted in Japan.

Hornless dragon "there" live in the sea, and possesses deep sea, it also symbolizes a scientist.

Dragon "chiyao" live in the mountains or on the ground, and represents the public rights.

According to Wang Fu, the dragon has a "nine matches:" Horn of like deer, head camel, his eyes like a demon, the neck snake, belly crawl, the scales like a carp, claws Eagles, soles tiger, a cow's ears".

Two struggling, competing dragon gazer on one another, represent the duality of yin and yang, all opposite and complementary forces, the forces of heaven and earth, usually between represent either the Sun or the "pearl of heaven", the moon. Turning to each other spins dragons represent the beginning of yin and yang. When they are shown to go after each other's tails, it is a symbol of mutual creative forces yin and yang.

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