Often portrayed with a dragon "dragon ball" or "glowing pearl". There are different interpretations of these images: it is a reverberation of thunder, or is meant that when the Moon, nositelnitsa rain decreases, its zaglatyvaet dragon, and when it arrives - a sign that he was her little spit. In Taoism and Buddhism as "the pearl, performing all desire," the pearl of perfection, in other words, wisdom, and the torch of spiritual essence of the universe. It may be Boddhisattvu in the process of continuous enlightenment.

Dragon, shown together with Phoenix, - a symbol of union of Heaven and Earth, the Emperor and Empress, the divine potentiality, containing in itself all opposite, the interaction macrocosm and microcosm, androgina two aspects, the evolution of rhythm and involution, birth and death. Their symbol is also double helix.

Dragon, shown together with tiger, can mean voluptuousness, tiger in This will symbolize the anger and hostility.

In Christianity, the dragon serpent believed , "so even the old serpent," force of evil, the devil, tempter, the enemy of God. It represents, moreover, death, darkness, paganism and heresy. In the Old Testament, "abode of dragons" associated with "the shadow of death" (Psalms, 44:19) and the gulf water. "Abode of dragons" a place of desolation and destruction. The winners will appear as dragons triumfatory over the forces of evil and heresy. The dragon with its tail tied personifies evil defeated, because we believe that the strength of the dragon in its tail, like the scorpion. Archangel Michael, and precipitate a dragon, is the victory of the god of the sun over darkness, that Christianity was transformed in the version of the defeat of Satan.

Dragons are the attributes of saints Kado, Clement Metskogo, George Kane, Margaret, Martha, Samson, Sylvester and Philip the Apostle.

A dragon is the emblem of the Egyptian Osiris, the god of the dead. APOPO, the dragon of darkness and chaos, precipitate each morning, the Sun God Ra.

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