Ank ANC - a symbol known as the Egyptian cross, cross with the loop, kruks Ansat, "cross with a handle." ANC - a symbol of immortality. It combines a cross (a symbol of life) and circle (a symbol of eternity). Its form may be interpreted as the orient sun, as the unity of opposites as male and female principle.

ANC symbolizes the union of Osiris and Isis, the union of earth and sky. The sign was used in hieroglyphs, it is part of the word "welfare" and "happiness".

Symbol inflicted on the amulets that would extend the life of the earth, buried with him to ensure a life in the world otherwise. The key opens the gates of death looks like the ANC. In addition, amulets depicting ANCA help with infertility.

ANC - a magical symbol of wisdom. You can find many images of deities and religious times of the Egyptian pharaohs.

It was felt that this character could save from the floods, so it is depicted on the walls of the channels.

Later, the ANC used witch with divination, fortune-telling, healing.