The Maltese Cross

Maltiysky krest Maltese Cross - the once powerful Order of Knights gospitalerov (ioannitov - members of Catholic religious Order of St. knight. John of Jerusalem, founded in XII century in Palestine). In the XIII century, with master's Raimundo de PUY Order has become universal, as the church itself, divided into eight (universal types of space) "language" of the main state of feudal Europe. The name "St. gospitalery. John" knights retained, as well as: a red mantle and a white silk embroidered with eight cross - a symbol of chastity and eight knights' virtues. Orders print featured on the patient's bed with the same cross in the head and fixtures in the legs.

Knights of the Holy Land released from the Muslims (Crusades 1095-1272).

Now that the cross used sanitary brigade St. John (United Kingdom).

"Maltese cross" - the first postmark.