Tau Cross

Tau-krest Tau-cross is named for the Greek alphabet the letter T, as has the same form. Greek "tau" is due from the Phoenician letter "tau", which was X - shape and meaning "mark, sign." The ancient Egyptians used the symbol T to denote both fertility and life. Combined with the terms - a symbol of eternity, he became the "ankom" - a symbol of eternal life. In biblical times, because this character was the last letter of the Jewish letter T has come to mean the end of the world, as well as a sign of Cain, a sign of salvation Israelis standing in the doorway to protect their homes, when the angel of death passed on to Egypt, "to destroy all the firstborn in this country "- this made the sign of a common sign of protection. Alternate names of the cross is "the Egyptian cross," and in Christian churches - the cross of St. Anthony. Because of the similarities with the scaffold, as it did in ancient times, it is also called "cross the gallows." Some believe that it was a form of cross on which Christ crucified.