Death in Biology

The language of biologists, unfortunately, no poetic inspiration - elegiac sadness or expressive metaforizma. In biology death vulgarly interpreted as a "cessation of vital activity of organism, and as a consequence - the death of the individual as a living system of segregated, with the decomposition of proteins and other biopolymers, which are the basic material substrate of life..." Some biologists distinguish the notion of partial death, that is the death of the group of cells go up a body (necrosis). In unicellular organisms - the simplest - the natural death of individuals in the form of division as it relates to the cessation of existence of the species and the emergence in its place two new ones. The death of individuals is usually accompanied by the formation of a dead body. Depending on the causes of death, the higher animals and human beings are distinguished: the death of a natural (physiological), occurring as a result of developing a long series of major extinction of life items organism, and premature death (pathological), painful conditions caused by the organism, the defeat of vital organs (brain, heart, lungs, liver, etc.). Premature death may be sudden, ie, occur within minutes or even seconds (for example, when a heart attack). Death of warm-blooded animals and humans is related primarily to the termination of breathing and circulation. Therefore distinguish between two main stages of death: Clinical death and the accompanying biological death, or true. Upon expiration of a period of clinical death, when the opportunity of restoring the vital functions, is the biological death - irreversible cessation of physiological processes in cells and tissues. Trying to unravel the nature of death, 3. Freud in "Beyond the pleasure principle" combines psychoanalysis with the consideration of results of biological studies of the time. He does not hide the fact that a person wants to find solace in the biological predetermination of death, independent of himself: "If we are destined to die himself and lose their loved ones before, it still wants to obey the rather inexorable law of nature, majestic appropriate than random, which could escape. " "We will be surprised - said further Freud - to learn how biologists disagree on the issue of natural death and that the concept of death in general remains elusive."

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