Death in Buddhism

Dying, a person (soul) is decomposed into scandium (building blocks), but the next incarnation of scandium meet again in some way (a sort of Rubik's cube), while preserving the unity of the soul. Correct its "assembly" ensures the continuity of essential life person, irrespective of what material the shell gets a shower after the next reincarnation. Man must seek to interrupt the chain displacement, in order to merge with God the creator of Brahma (in brahmanizme), go to nirvana (in Buddhism). Make it possible to just assuming the "octuple Road righteousness. In the interval between death and a new incarnation of the souls of sinners waiting for severe punishment in hell caves. Among the flours, ugotovannyh them - swallowing hot iron ball, roasting, crushing, freezing, boiling ( Clearly, all this must be understood allegorically, as it was the soul, this confirms the fact that among the major torment of sinners in hell and fear of death is mentioned!). But serving the punishment in hell, the soul does not facilitate their lives, because the new birth - it is not getting rid of the meal, but new suffering. "I went through many births, seeking the builder of the house, but did not find it, - said the Buddha. - Birth again and again - bitterly." Label point Borges, reincarnation to the Western consciousness - the notion of poetry in the first place, while the Buddhist reincarnate no soul (in the Christian sense), and karma - the special mental structure capable to countless transformations. So, in addition to the hell of sinners ugotovan perpetual cycle of births. Righteous after death would go to nirvana, as the Buddha said, "who, seeking happiness for himself, does not impose punishment on the merits of seeking happiness, he will receive after the death of happiness." Nirvana, which in Sanskrit means "extinction" - maloopredelennaya area either being, or non-existence of soul after death. Buddha himself to questions about his death (withdrawal of nirvana) answered very vaguely. Thus, the monk Malunkiyaputty questioned whether it would be perfect to live after death, the Buddha answered a series of questions, there is little to clarify it: "Do the same as a living creature with the body or different from him? Whether or not to continue to live perfect, after death, or committed after the death of the same time and continues to not continue to live, or it is continued or not continued to live? "

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