How to relate to the doctors? For a variety of ways. Two thirds of French doctors approve of the voluntary withdrawal in the case of painful and incurable disease. Dutch euthanasia doctors formally apply and are not punished for it by law. But the general public of Sweden, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Britain is set firmly opposed to euthanasia. For its use of a punishment - the death penalty.

... Good to listen to serious arguments put forward by opponents of euthanasia. The most consistently set forth in the letter, the doctor V. Sokolov: "The point is that, in fact, euthanasia is the killing of one person by another, the medical profession. And even the killing of the hopelessly ill person, even at his own request is contrary to the essence and the average medical doctor. Vocation, which they dedicate life - the fight to the death, rather than help it.

If a doctor, for any reasons, is able to kill another person - it should be immediately deprived of a diploma, because it has turned into its opposite, the murderer. We can not forget that doctors are also people, as humans tend to succumb to temptation. If the doctor is able to kill a person in his interest, then, having obtained the right to legally kill, why he can not do so in their own? Doctors, endowed with the right to kill, will sooner or later people will stop trusting their lives. And, thus, society will lose their medicine.

It is for this reason, no sensible, the more humane society will never allow themselves to their country to legalize euthanasia.

The killing is not humane. It is always murder. And because humanity and humanism, which helps the other to survive and not die. And the society if it wants to be humane, should not impose a duty doctor, contrary to the essence of his work. Under any plausible pretext. Known, where very often the good intentions ".

Sergey Ryazantsev

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