The problem of euthanasia - voluntary withdrawal from the life of terminally ill people - is widely discussed in the West since the late 50's. In 1958, Dr. Jack Gevorkyan published several articles in the press, which called for painlessly kill criminals sentenced to death and their bodies used for scientific experiments, separate authorities for interchange transactions. Later, becoming a witness to senseless, violent suicide, Gevorkyan came to believe that desperate, hopelessly ill people who choose to put an end to life, need help in this.

From verbal statements and newspaper Gevorkyan moved to action and patented his invention, later called reporters "death machine". Using this device in the form of infusion can be quickly and painlessly umervschlyat people. In the apparatus has been provided and a special device to stop procedures if the volunteer suddenly change my mind.

After a long altercation, one of the "yellow" newspapers all, decided to publish the ad Jack Gevorkian some of the lines: "If you decide to die and want to do this safely, I will give you an easy death".

In 1976, the Supreme Court of California ruled that gives patients the right to treatment, support life. There is resuscitation, when people spoke against it in advance.

This has come about what is at stake.

Active - when there are tools that accelerate death.
Passive - omission, failure of resuscitation.

So, in the U.S., the law recognizes only the second form, the active is legally prohibited in all states.

However, the debate rage. Religious groups in the United States supported the right to "humane death." American Health Organization, recognizing passive euthanasia, specify a range of conditions. The law provides for these conditions. Patient's expression of will, a will of his loved ones are required. The application must be in a position where the man is emotionally and mentally competent to complete, and also signed by two witnesses.

In Spain, the Association for the right to die with dignity was founded back in 1973. The Danish Association of voluntary euthanasia has over ten years. Odin is not the year in several languages is an international journal "Euthanasia."

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