Aesthetic Death

As is known, the dialectic of death in art is passed through to the category of tragedy. The fact that the aesthetic emotion includes both joy and sorrow, horror, govarival even Hume. Without death there is no catharsis, purification, - the law of ancient tragedy, as a cloak sex of the child, NAVIS over the whole of the medieval and modern literature of West and East (on the north and south silent)... Mortal genius of Shakespeare could be called literature. His characters do not simply die, or kill others, but make it a great effect in the empirical philosophy, internally as if enjoying the transition from the "have" to "not be." Painters and graphics are not death by. In the Middle Ages, she devoted nearly every third or piece of fine art. Understanding the death occurred simultaneously in the sublime (ekzestentsialno-eschatological) and in the domestic setting. And for many Renaissance artists death - it is almost a celebration, a feast of colors and flesh (albeit dying). Even Christ was crucified managed to write very zhiznelyubivymi colors. Consumer same comprehension of death (eg, a miniature of the books like "The Art of dying"), but differed familiar to the snub-nosed attitude, but still did not lose the spiritual, existential tension. Critical realism XIX century translated the reflection of death in the social plane. "Morning Streletsky penalty Surikov or execution of the conspirators in Russia" and "suppression of the Indian uprising" Vereschagin - a classic example. For painters, realist, it was important not only to convey the internal state of man, but rebuke arranging an unfair world. Medieval aesthetics do not reduce the image of death, even lubochno-household thumbnail. A "higher realism" has disposition rights of death, treating it as a social act, and no more. Of the generals, death was lower in the non-commissioned officers and sent to the Caucasus, into the army. The Art of XX century, restored the death of her epaulette. But this is literature rather than painting. However, Russian Literature in XIX century, has managed to overcome the child's illness social kritikanstva went out to the "cursed" questions of existence. Here Russian writers (especially Dostoevsky and Tolstoy), almost at the century ahead of Europe (and the rest of the world). What say, but all the existential literature of our century - a mere glow "Death of Ivan Ilyich" and "The Brothers Karamazov."

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