Aesthetic Death

On the remarkable aesthetic prochuvstvovanii death speak many ancient written sources, among them "A Conversation disappointed with his spirit" - the Egyptian papyrus, written about four thousand years ago. This startling confession tired and desperate man, trying to convince themselves poetic images in the goodness of death-comfort girls: "Death is before me today like a cure, like the output from an illness. Death stands before me today like the aroma myrrh, like sitting under a canopy in windy day. Death stands before me today like the aroma of lotus, like sitting on the shore of drunkenness. Death stands before me today like the removal of the storm, like a man returning from a hike to his house. ... Death is before me today, just as the people wished to see their house after he had spent many years in prison... " Edgar For once remarked that the death of a young beautiful woman - the best theme for the artwork. True, he was not a pioneer here. Even in the Middle Ages contritely about the death of a beautiful transmitted primarily through the image of the deceased woman's beauty. Leonardo da Vinci wrote in sorrow: "O time, destroyer of things, and age-eyed, you destroy all things and all things devours hard teeth's little by little, slow death. Helen, when looking in the mirror, seeing the annoying wrinkles of his face, committed old age, complains and thinks alone, twice what had been kidnapped. " In the Middle Ages through the Fleur Christianity clearly proglyadyval rough materialism, which, according to I. Heyzingi could not accept the idea of the death of something beautiful without having to doubt the beauty in itself. Since the elegant literature has become the province of "the broad masses of workers and to this day almost all the writers with" stoned "to send their characters on a light. Yes even give the names and relevant: "The Death of Ivan Ilyich", "Death in Venice", "Death Tarelkina," "Death of salesman," "Girl and Death", "Invitation to a Beheading" or "Death." Of course, I mean works of serious, world-wide, since the bodies of the detective tower mountains, but it is not one iota closer we come to heart prochuvstvovaniyu death or to a rational comprehension of it.

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