The ethics of death

Thinking about this issue, an American researcher Layell Watson writes: "... death is helping to maintain the necessary balance in the whole population, not allowing it to grow and become too unmanageable. Do not be death, the world would have won organisms multiplying faster than the others. One little invisible bacteria can make a few hours of great offspring, an equal weight of person, and every gram of soil contains a hundred million of these potential Patriarchs. In less than two days, the entire surface of the Earth would be covered with smelly bacteria dunes all the colors of the rainbow. freely reproduced, simple give us the same picture for forty days, the room will need to fly four-year, rat - eight years, the clover plants can cover the entire Earth Odinnadtsat for years, but before we replace elephants, will be held at least a century. " This model, of course, applies to humans. Not whether we have such a limit, as the death of a few centuries, the entire surface of the planet resembled a Sochi beach in summer. So, from the standpoint of science is a good death phenomenon. But we, ordinary people, this is no easier. We Me'rime'e all by one's own yardstick, our home-philistine psychology does not allow us to accept their own death necessary and appropriate. And even if we understand it, it always moves inside chervyachok question: "Why did I go?"
AP Lavrinov

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