The Death of Philosophy

In the European Middle Ages to the fear of death prodigally admix the world fear the dead, who was present in people's minds just as real as the world of the living. Personification "of light, its active" intervention "of life on earth, until the real events in the eyes of living dead, on the one hand, reinforce the fear, horror to the world beyond the grave, but on the other - to give to this world-known features, the psychology of the two sblizhaya hypostasis of being.

Medievalist A.Ya. Gurevich notes: "Death on medieval representations of people, not a conclusion, a complete end of human existence. I mean not that obvious to the Christian truth, that after the termination of life of the body remains immortal soul. It is important to another: the relationship between not be interrupted by the death of people who died have the ability to communicate with the living. The dead remain interested in the world of the living, visiting it in order to settle their cases or improve their position in the sky. The world is dead to the world affects the living. For their part, and the world of the living can have a strong influence on the fate of the dead. Finally, in a world in certain cases, are the people who died, only for a short time and then come back to life. Temporarily deceased, living or dead ozhivshie, afterlife existence of which has nothing to do with eternal sleep and dormancy, maintain and exchange of services between this and the light - as seen between the two worlds occurs tense communion ".

F. Tawba in the "Index Exemplorum" leads some 240 examples of the emergence in the world of the living dead. Moreover, the emergence in the physical form. About cronyism two worlds great shows medieval history presented in the book A.Ya. Gurevich. Odin tosspot found in the cemetery of the skull and spyanu invited Dead to their guests. Skull replied: "Go ahead, I followed." In fright poor locked himself in his house, but the guest dead, actually, the skeleton, made it to unlock and vymyv hands (what a part!), Sat down at the table along with everyone. He did not eat nor drink, and said nothing, but leaving the house, invited the owner to the eighth day, come to where they first met. All pets were horrified and did not know what to do. Drunkard to repent of sins and took communion, but was forced to come to visit. Suddenly naletevshy wind moved it into a wonderful empty castle, where he met for the convivial table of the deceased. Dead reassured him: nothing he would not be caused, but let it continue to be so lightly does not behave with the dead. About corpse told that he was in the city judge did not care about God and he loved to drink. However, he rightly judged, and the LORD repented him. Then the wind took the live guest house, and his relatives and friends were surprised by the change: the hands and feet of his nails grew like eagle's claws, and tested them printed on the face of fear, which is black and look terrible.

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