The Death of Philosophy

Among them cried very loud belonged to Arthur. He believed that a peace based on spontaneous, unaware where accepting "the will to life" is not worthy of himself, since fragmented into many "small vol, each of which purport to samoobozhestvlenie. So there is not more honest to admit the absurd "war of all against all, that our world - not the best, and worst of the possible? Hence - Odin step up to the idea of self-destruction.

"... I want to Artur or did not want - a modern commentator noted - but actual, real, and - importantly - effective results, culminating in his philosophical system, was the specific wording of the problem of death. They have been formulated the problem of" truth "of death," authenticity " non-existence, the concept of nothingness forever living Will - the problem is traditional in Western culture the question of the true life, which was discredited because life itself was declared limit the embodiment of all neistinnosti ".

Odin of the heirs, Friedrich Nietzsche, thoughts about death, squeezed in his books, like the spring (it is brought so far). Replace the will to live the will to power, he tried in such a way to overcome the fear of cotton wall, noise isolation and fury of life. Death for him - not amorphous substance and a catalyst for action, a great sparring partner in the stadium the world, encouraging people to strain all the vital forces. "The thought of death - a state record of Nietzsche in the work" Cheery Science. "- It is a melancholic happiness to live in this maze of narrow streets, needs the votes, how much pleasure, impatience, insatiability how thirsty life and the life of intoxication is found here in every moment And, yet, soon will come a peace for all those shumyaschih living, thirst for life! look like behind each of his shadow, his dark companion...

... And yet, everyone thinks that everything has happened so far, it does a little, and that the near future is everything: hence, the rush, the Creek, it samooglushenie and samonaduvatelstvo! Each wants to be first in the future - and still only death and deathly silence is common to all and only valid in it! How strange that the only commonality and reliability is not much power over the people and that they are most distant from the fact that you feel in the death of the brothers! I would be happy to add something to this, to make them even thought about living in stokrat worthier thoughts.

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