The Death of Philosophy

Of course, for a specific person being - it is rather a psychological than physical category. In this sense, the main property of the time paradox - it is (time) has an infinite number of finite segments, and this makes the subject of perceived time, in fact, immortal. Again, remember the golden phrase Epikura: "The most terrible of evils, death, does not have any relation to us, as long as we exist, death does not yet exist, when it comes, we will no longer exist." Something similar occurs and Marcus Aurelius: "The life expectancy is no different from the brief. Because now all the same, and hence, are equal and losses - and they are just for a moment. No one can lose either the past or coming . For who would rob me something I do not have? "

In fact, the man is mortal is not for ourselves, but for foreign observers. This simple message and confirms the principle of relativism, which is typical for a modern scientific and philosophical thinking. However, here we are already entering the sovereign territory of science, studying Psyche (soul).

AP Lavrinov

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