Death from the standpoint of physics

Explaining the mechanism of delayed transition to a living organism termOdinmicheskomu equilibrium (ie, death), sprawl phrase "negative entropy" Shredinger replaces the term "entropy, taken with negative sign, which" is itself a measure of order. "The human body can withstand the death of , supporting themselves only at a sufficiently high level of order. To do this he needs to extract order willows environment in order to compensate for Entropy processes in cells. This is why a living organism can not eat the chemicals in its original form, that is - at a low stage of ordering . We need to supply is a well-ordered state of matter in a more or less complicated organic compounds. The next question we ask ourselves, based on the theory of "negative entropy", is: why are we all the same die, despite the fact that we can perfectly eat "organic order"? Die, even millionaires, who can absorb the "negative entropy" of any quality and quantity. The point is that opposition to the entropy in our body manages the special program is built into our genes. The program is designed for a certain period of work, after which the drive belts governance body rush, and the body begins to break down in parts. (On the question of who has laid in our program, we will return.) Previously, scientists believed that human cells can share a countless number of times. But Leonard Hayflik found sad for us the quality of cells - the limit of their division. Thus, a brilliant guess Schro"dinger confirmed the similarities between the clock mechanism and organism. This similarity, in the words of physics, simply and exclusively limited to the fact that the latter is solid - aperiodic crystal forming the hereditary substance is not subject to the effects of random thermal motion. "But please do not put me in charge - coquettishly Shredinger justified - that if I would call chromosome threads" teeth organic machine, "but at least do not do this without reference to the profound physical theory, which is based on similarity. Because it really does not need more rhetoric, to recall the main difference between them and the biological justification for the case of epithets - the new and unprecedented. The most striking differences are, first, the peculiar distribution of "teeth" in the multi body and, secondly, that a single tooth - a structurally unstable human product, a beautiful masterpiece ever created by the grace of the Lord of quantum mechanics. "

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