The Death of Christianity

The first death of man on earth, as the Bible tells, was the death of his son Adam Abel, the murdered brother of Cain. But how on earth a death? "God created man imperishable, he made his way to his own nature" (Prem. 2.23), but through the devil's envy death entered the world: and have it by inheritance of his (Prem. 2.24). Pervocheloveki Adam to Eve, who were in paradise, until the fall were immortal. God, warning them of the fruits vkushniya from one of the trees, said: "Do not eat them and not touch it, lest ye die." However, the ban has been violated, and the fact that "opened their eyes to them both, for the fact that Adam and Eve knew the truth about ourselves and the world, God has cursed them. His angry monologue God had completed such treatment to Adam: "... by the sweat of thy face shalt eat bread, till thou return to the land from which you have taken, for dust you are and to dust return" (Genesis, 3,3-19). In Psalm 103 we read: "conceal thy face, they are embarrassed, take them to thy spirit, they die in the dust of your return, send your spirit, they are built, and you renew the face of the earth." In the psalms and books of the prophets of death is determined by such notions as "calm", "silence", "country of oblivion", "ashes", "abyss." "With the benefit of my blood when I went down into the grave? Will the dust praise thee? (Psalm 29.10). "In death there is no memory of you, in the tomb who praises thee? (Psalm 6,6). "Are you dead on the work a miracle? Is dead rise and praise thee? Is in the tomb will be announced grace and your faithfulness to your in hell? How to know thy wonders are in the dark, and thy righteousness in the land of oblivion? (Psalm 87,11-13). "Not dead to praise the Lord and not top-down in the country of silence" (Psalm 113, 25). "Because the ad does not belong to you." Death is not to praise him, descending into the grave can not cry thy truth "(Isaiah 38, 18). These quotes are shown typical Old Testament relating to the death. And they treat it primarily as the destruction of the possibility of any action - even to the glory of the Lord. Yet there is hope for resurrection, it says in the book of Isaiah (26.19), in the book of Job, (19,25), and especially in Ezekiel (37,9-14). Daniel said that "many of the sleep in the dust of the earth awake, some to eternal life, others - to the eternal reproach and shame" (12,2).

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