Death in Islam

Those who fall into the hell-dzhahannam, of course, waiting for a very different fate. They have incredible meal: "Those unhappy," in flames, for them there - cries and the roar. " "We will burn them with fire! Each time, as sgotovitsya their skin. We'll replace them with a different skin, so that they tasted punishment." "The fire burns their faces, and they are in the dark, their clothes from the resin. Sinners are forced to eat the fruits of infernal tree zakkum, who just head shaytanov, drink - boiling water, which is "to dissecting the innards, or purulent water:" It varnish it, but barely swallows, and death comes to him from all places but it does not dead "behind it - severe punishment. In the intervals between fire torture residents dzhahannama will punish equally awful cold (Qur'an, 11:106/108, 4:56/59 23:104/106, 14:50/51, 37:62/60-66/64; 56:52-54, 37:67/85, 14:16/19-17/20). Adding that, depending on the quantity and quality of misconduct sinners are placed in different levels (circles) dzhahannama. Sam dzhahannam, according to one opinion, is in the womb "finished burst of anger" the animal, on the other - in the deepest abyss in which are seven gates (Qur'an, 89:23/24, 67:7-8, 15:44; 39 : 72). Among Muslim theologians there is no consensus about the time people dzhahanname. Sunnis believe that sinners Muslims, thanks to intercession of Muhammad, a period of torment will be limited, but non-believers are waiting for meal ever.
AP Lavrinov

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