Death in Islam

Like other world religions, Islam asserts that physical death is not the result of human existence. The death of the soul and the body converts into other hypostasis. In poslekoranicheskoe Time in Islam is a perception that between death and the ship the day when God will finally decide the fate of all people, there is an intermediate state "BarZU (" barrier "(Qur'an, 23:100/102). In the interim body of the deceased are still have the ability to feel, but are in the graves, and the souls of the dead are either in the heavens (the souls of Muslims), or in a well Barahut in Hadrama-Ute (infidel souls). In Islam there is a special term azab al-Cabra "-" grave penalties ", meaning a small trial of the men immediately after death - a kind of preliminary investigation: (" We punish them twice, then they will be returned to the great punishment "(Qur'an, 9 : 101/102).'s tomb in this area - the Christian equivalent of purgatory) which defines the preventive retribution - punishment or reward. If the deceased on a reward, the tomb becomes a threshold (lugom) paradise garden, if the penalty - the threshold (pit) of hell. Buried in the tomb, two angels questioned - Munkar and Nakir, but also the will of God, leave the body just to enjoy the calm before the Day of Resurrection, the sinners are punished painful pressure, while infidels lupyat that there are forces: "If you saw the complete life of those who do not believe in angels - they beat them in the face and on the back: "taste the punishment of fire" (Qur'an, 8:50/52). When God decides that the time has come for the last Court, all the dead will be resurrected and brought before God. Righteous, after the Court will find eternal bliss in Paradise - Al-Janneh (in a literal translation of "garden"). Of the Koran can be found the following al-Dzhapna: "where the rivers of water incorruptible, and rivers of milk whose taste does not change, and rivers of wine, pleasant to drinkers, and rivers of honey purified from there, there gardens" dark ", there "fruits, palm trees, a grenade." Trapped in paradise are "green garb of sundusa and brocade, and they are decorated with necklaces of silver, vozlezhat to" lozhah embroidered, "" will not see them there or sun, or frost, near a shadow over them. " Hunger they quench "the fruits of those" what they choose, and the meat of birds from those that wish, "poit of the Lord" drink pure, "" bowl, mix that with Ginger, from the current source - it does not suffer from headache pain and weakening. "As the servants of the righteous will be" eternally young boys. ", obhodyaschie owners with vessels of silver and goblets of crystal, but as a female inhabitants of Paradise will be given" a virgin, loving husband, peers, Chernook, big like pearls stored. "In addition to these Chernook Dev (Gury), the righteous will continue their earthly wives:" Log on to Paradise, you and your wife will be please! "(Qur'an, 47:15/16-17, 55:46 -78; 76:11-38/37, 76, 11-22, 43:70). Age caught up in paradise, according to legend poslekoranicheskemu will be one for all - 33 years.

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