Death in quantum mechanics

However, you can not dwell on it, but because of the natural duality of the world to assume that all of us is both alive and dead, the choice is dependent on a state observer, which is outside of our system (it just begs the concept of God). But God is in this case is a subsystem of a larger system, in relation to which he is supervised. And of course, God has him watching Super-God, and at the same time, there does not exist. As for the Super-God, then... Clearly, to date, further mental experiment is meaningless. Wait for the development of quantum theory, and most importantly - practical experience of researchers. There are also "crazy" theories about the nature of our existence, and - consequently - on the nature of our death. Thus, the French physicist Re'gis Dyutey believes that the restrictions imposed on the physical world of Einstein, incorrectly, that the physical body can overcome the barrier of light (300,000 kilometers per second). Dyutey exploring the world of "tachyon" - a world that is beyond the speed of light. In his view, the Universe is like a triple-pie: Odin layer - World bradionov "(this world), the second layer - the world" lyuksonov "(ie light), and the third layer - the world tachyon (superluminal). "Mathematically, this formula works - said Dyutey. - The Truth, is only mathematically. According to this formula, there is not one but three temporary measuring the universe, which can coexist and move on, each other, depending on the speed typed. It is, in superluminal world does not expire, that is neither past nor present, nor future. " Salt Dyuteya theory that our consciousness - is a field of unknown particle physics, a "tachyon". Analogy it could serve as a hologram - a special plate, which, under the illumination laser beam to reproduce the recorded image with a full illusion of three-dimensional space. Even if the disc recording of the image split, any splint, regardless of its size, retains the ability to reproduce the whole image. "The brain - explains Dyutey - is nothing more than an intelligent filter, the processed laser beam emanating from the world of" tahnonov "peace superluminal velocities. The reality of the objects around us the essence of the hologram. Universe - this is only the appearance, as Plato said. This is a purely materialistic and not religious physics of our consciousness... " If you agree with the theory Dyuteya, then we must admit that our death depends not only on the "rough" the Earth's physiology, but also on the physical processes that we are not able to fix (though recently it was reported that during the experiments at the cyclotron Institute of Nuclear Physics, University of Louvain (Belgium), Jacques Steyer detected particle velocity in the 1.2 times the speed of light). Theory Dyuteya creates an order of magnitude more questions than answers. Among them are these: How is the coordination of (match) rays "tachyon laser and receiver (the brain) and that they exist and operate in a totally different hypostasis time-space, matter-energy? Who - God, evolution? - Created by a device such as the brain is capable of perceiving rays "tachyon laser? And so on.

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