Death in quantum mechanics

Mention even one of the curious theories proposed by the American cosmology Frank Tiplerom of Tuleynskogo University (Indiana), in which he tried to combine physics and theology on the issue of death in the resurrection of the dead. Tipler believes that life in one form or another will continue until the "end time", which will occur if the correct theory of pulsating universe (for a physics-Christian Big Bang is the very act of creation, as described in the Bible). When under the influence of its own gravity and the universe starts to shrink back into a state of infinite density, it will be the end of our universe (and possibly the beginning of a new universe). Final state of the universe Teyyar de Chardin once called omega-point, which in mathematical terms is the sum of all other points of time and space. A ray of light emitted anywhere in the universe at any time to arrive, eventually, in the omega-point. Well, this "end run" (the end of time), cosmologists oboenayut term with-boundary. Pending the achievement of the border-left, according to the theory of pulsating universe, about 100 billion years. Tipler explains the contradiction between the finiteness of time and eternal life, given to people by God. In his opinion, necessary to distinguish the "true" (measured clock) and the "subjective", as defined by the peculiarities of human perception. Tipler priderzhavaetsya idea that life can be, ultimately, reduced to some sort of information processing. Between any point, "real" time and with-boundary, cosmologists believe, can be infinite information processing, which in turn means infinite life and mind, and hence the infinite "subjective" time. Energy (antientropiya) required for the processing of information (of life) arises due to the collapse (compression) the universe. As the gravitational collapse tends to a singular dimensionless point, the total amount released in the process of compression energy indefinitely. The closer the universe to the omega-point, the more energy will be released for processing information. The power of life will grow in this incredible event. Tipler believes that this energy will be used for the resurrection of the dead. A computer program is able to simulate the corresponding complexity of the mind of any person with any level of accuracy. If there is an infinite computational resources, it will be possible to create a computerized copy of every human being has ever lived on earth. But not only. You can also create a model for all people, which in principle could exist. The infinite amount of information required in this case the process, not an obstacle, as we have in stock will be infinite time and infinite power.

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