Death in quantum mechanics

The core of quantum mechanics - the claim that small amounts of maternal and energy simultaneously possess the properties of particles and waves, and consequently behave as a particle (corpuscle), then as a wave. Transfer it into a household comparisons - it is just as if Odin and the same person was both sober and drunk in Odin and the same time. The paradox, however, that to observe both the state of matter (energy) science is not in a position (yes forgiven me this unwitting pun). Quality, in which the material is measured, depends... from the observer (more precisely, of the method of measurement). If we choose the way of Odin, it turns out that the quantum of emitted light behaves like a wave, while the other - we are a part. Without going into technical details of experiments on measuring the quanta, proceed immediately to conclusions. And they are even more paradoxical. For if in a microcosm the elementary particles and even whole atoms, according to the theory, can reside simultaneously in opposite states, then in our "big" world, the duality (assuming the theory of fidelity and macroworld) leads to fantastic results. Most images are made 50 years ago Shredinger. "Imagine - he said - that the cat sits in a box, which is also ampulla with cyanide. Here are radioactive particles, Geiger and machine for crushing ampoules. All-established in such a way that, if the particles disintegrate, Geiger detects decay include crushing machine for ampoules and vial broken. Koshka breathe cyanogen and die. According to quantum mechanics, at any given time of radioactive particles must remain in the dissolved and in neraspavshemsya condition. If it occurs, it... will have to elect one or another state. But the particle does not Odinoka in a quantum-mechanical confinement. It can be assumed that the radioactive particles, Geiger, ampulla and cat are integral parts of a single quantum-mechanical system and, therefore, must exist in both states simultaneously. In other words, until someone does not look in the box, the particle will be both dissolved and neraspavsheysya, ampule crushed and nerazdavlennoy, and the cat alive and dead. And in general, is acceptable in principle approval, as long as someone does not look at a man who looks into the box, he, this man, also resides in two states: the state, in which he finds the cat alive, and able to which he finds a dead cat. And so on... "

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