Death in psychology

In psychiatry, however, noted cases where children go mad trying to understand why some die young before old. Fear of death is certainly there for children with a sufficiently early age, although they may not adequately perceive the death - as the final termination of his physical existence. Death rather involve them in the minds of the notion of physical pain, suffering, etc. If you recognize the sense of the death of the 'learning', we have to discard the whole theory of evolution. For living beings a sense of danger is a reminder of the possible demise. Fear allows them to survive. And if knowledge of the death would not be a nation in the genes, then all life on earth would have died after ceasing to fear any dangers. L. Watson and himself compelled to accept it in part. However, such a recognition, he goes through a reluctance to behold obvious. He said that there are no facts, "confirming the innate fear of death or his development as a mandatory component of behavior associated with the Dying," but then cites an example of how young chimpanzees who have attained a certain age, without any guidance from outside or special Training start to avoid contact with zmeepodobnyin objects. "They have the inherent property - says Watson - fear of characters that can be associated with danger, but I do not know of any animal with a congenital fear of death itself." Naturally! After all, do not care for the animal to death as such. The death of his worries if only if it becomes an obstacle to the implementation of laid down in the biological functions. But it is the sense of danger. Thus, we can confidently conclude that the sense of danger in the subconscious of an animal and human fear of death adequately. But a person is feeling much more difficult in the process of cultural life skills, experience, abstract thinking, the development of intuition. People can perceive not only the direct, immediate threat to life, but also indirect, remote, expressed in any communication system perceived them. The words "are more radiation" or "in my briefcase bomb" could cause a panic terror, while the sensory system of rights that are not signals of danger. The ability to accumulate experience, the perception of death in the abstract thought L. Watson and took as a sign of congenital absence of the fear of death.

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