Death in psychology

Those who are lazy to engage in meditation a la Ramana Maharshi, French physician and writer Lndre Ryuellan recommends a simple recipe - jog on the cemetery for preventive adaptation. In his opinion, people nowadays are not only afraid of death but do not want to think about it. Moreover, Ryuellan firmly believe that many of them have long been dead. "They should have to order that their embalmed and in a way left to sit in front of the TV screen - so that when they really ispustyat last breath, so nobody notices." Continuing in the spirit of Ryuellana, we can say that these people able to awaken only death. Or at least, a state of mortal danger. In psychology, there is the notion of "border situation" - a situation in which the fast-growing self-identity. K. Jaspers calls the border points of the immediate threat to life that will enhance personal thinking, freeing it from the husk of collective experience, imposed behavior. It is related to another interesting phenomenon - a sharp change in the living creed of people who were in a state of clinical death and had the experience of "prohibitive existence." This is what tells a young woman to go into the worst car accident (her monologue resulted in his book American researchers Stanislav and Christina Grof): "For those few seconds, until my car was in motion, I experienced a sensation that seemed to have reached a century. The extraordinary horror and engrossing fear for his life quickly gave way to a clear knowledge that I die. Strange as it may seem, at the same time it is deep sense of calm and peace, which I never before experienced. It seemed like I moved from the periphery of its substance - the body, concluded I was - at the center of my "I", a place of calm and imperturbably sabbath... Time to have disappeared as I watched one's own life: she was in front of me, like a film, very fast, but amazingly detailed. After reaching the border of death, as if I was in front of a transparent curtain. The driving force of the experience led me through the curtain - and I was still completely calm - and suddenly I realized that this is not the end, but rather a shift. describe my feelings more, I can only read as follows: all parts of my substance than I would at that moment may be, felt the continuum of what I had thought of death. I felt that the force sent me to death and then beyond it, will ever lead me into an infinite distance.

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