Death in psychology

"I grew up in a small town. People are not distinguished by a wide outlook, - said Odin surveyed Moudi" returnees from the world. "- I was the same as all. But after what happened with me, I wanted to learn more... I as if matured for one night... Before I opened a new world of which I had not even suspected. I thought: "How many in this world that I knew and moving. It turns out that there are things povazhnee than soccer, dancing and stuff. I began to think more about where the boundary for a man and his conscience? " So, most of the visiting "on the other side of life": a) perstayut fear of death; b) re-main the submissions; c) change the way of life. Among other aspects of the perception of death and it should be noted that: witnesses of fatal accidents are often shocked by much more than those who had suffered a mortal danger (if the victim did not receive serious physical injury).
AP Lavrinov

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