The Death of theosophy

If we talk about the early period of theosophy, interpret its mystical way God is related to the death of the Bo"hme, Svedenborga, Paracelsus, and other Etingera theosophists entirely fit into the framework of their personal experience irrational, in which they are presented, however, is often used elements of a rational philosophy. Anyway, they all saw "otherworldly" phenomenon as obvious reality. Svedenborg even wrote an extensive work on the sky, the king of spirits, and hell, which outlined his thoughts on the exact matching (correspondence), linking this phenomena and the world. Philosophy is the doctrine called "dreams" (Kant), and the Church - "devildom, temptation small force".

The second period relates to the development of theosophy religious-mystical teachings of the Russian writer E. Blavatskoy, established under the influence of religious and philosophical concepts of Hinduism, brahmanizma, Buddhism, and the flow type of spiritualism.

Commenting on the latest theosophy, Hieromonk Orthodox Seraphim Rose notes that it is a mixture of eastern and western occult ideas taught in detail about the kingdom of the air, where it seems it sostyaschim of a series of "astral planes" ( "astral" means "star", this quaint term referring to "elevated" reality). According to a presentation of the teachings, "astral" plane constitute the habitat of all supernatural beings, the seat of the gods and demons, emptiness, where live mysleformy Region inhabit the spirits of air and other elements, and different name to the heavens and the angelic host and demonskimi .. . Trained people feel that they can practice using the "climb on the plane" and is fully acquainted with these areas.

According to this doctrine, the "astral plane" composed after the death, and, as in the teachings of Svedenborga, there is no sudden change of the state, there is no trial, people continue to live as before, but only outside the body, and begins to "go through all podploskosti astral plane on its way to the heavenly world. " Each podploskost more subtle and to the interior, and through them, in contrast to the fear and uncertainty, called Christian "ordeal", a time of fun and joy: "Joy of life on the astral plane so great that physical life in comparison with It did not feel their lives... Nine out of ten returned to the body with great reluctance ".

AP Lavrinov

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