Andaluzit Color: Bright orange-brown and yellowish green or gold.

Description: is named in honor of Andalusia Andalusia region of Spain, where it was first discovered. Andalusia is pleohroicheskim stone, ie, takes different colors depending on the direction of sunlight. During the cut, most pleohroicheskih precious stones such as iolit and Tanzania, are trying to make sure that negate the effect pleohroizma and provide only the best color. Unlike other pleohoricheskih stones ogranschiki try to orient the Andalusian way to get a good connection colors: bright orange-brown and yellowish green or gold. When they succeed, Andalusia is unlikely to Odin or other precious stones, with images of color, dancing on the edges. Best game of color seen in fancy shapes, particularly in the form of rectangular pads: the rounded fazkah, the colors are mixed with each other. Andalusia is mined in Brazil and Sri Lanka.